Outsourced CFO

We understand the importance of capital financing to business throughout the entire lifecycle of corporate development. Capital financing that will be used to fund current operations and to support future growth

Our full suite of Outsourced CFO Services covers everything from core bookkeeping functions to CFO services and everything in between. By focusing on the tasks associated with your daily accounting administration, project developers and owners can stay focused on running its core project operations.

We do not have a standard reporting package which we expect our clients to adopt. Instead, we tailor our CFO financial reporting to the particular needs of each client so that the directors and frontline management team receives the information they crave and are in the position to make very informed decisions about tactical and strategic matters.

Regular reporting on financial, management and strategic issues keeps our clients informed of how the company is performing under management

Importantly, we recognise that every business has budgetary considerations and as such, we offer options in relation to how we deliver our Outsourced CFO service – from completely remote, all the way through to providing an on-site presence. Our Outsourced CFO service helps you reduce projects pre-operating costs, streamline processes, and improve overall project implementation and performance.

Financial and Accounting Assurance

Analytics Reporting & Executive Dashboard

Budgeting and Forecasting

Investor Relations

Cashflow & Working Capital Management

Financial and Accounting Assurance

Financial and Accounting Assurance

BrickstoneCFO gives help to corporate and development organizations that are looking at different senior level finance professionals, with speedy turnaround and focused execution

Our Financial and Accounting Assurance Services are delivered as below.

Accounting Health-check

The reason for this evaluation is to check key ways in which the firms books are kept and give proposals, from a CFO’s point of view on how the Finance and Accounting Function should be designed. We utilize exclusive intelligence tools and attempt present to you a Summary of our findings. Upon conclusion of this and based on specific requirements, we could assist our clients in drawing up of various policies & implementation of various suggestions

Policies and Procedures

Strong financing arrangements and systems are broadly perceived as the most critical necessity for sound inward controls for a business. We enable our customers to detail and execute financing strategies and methods to enhance internal controls, revealing and general financing administration of the organization.

Internal Controls

Actualizing finance & accounting internal controls for a business isn’t a simple errand. We not just provide corporations with useful and critical controls methods required, yet additionally help them with setting-up and executing these. We work with the organization in changing different controls, in view of size and phase of the organization, to ensure its effectiveness keeping in mind various constraints the company may have.

Financial Reports & Executive Dashboard

Analytics & Reporting

We undertake an intensive review of financials and operational parameters to offer you unique analytics, and assist in designing quality dashboard for reviews. We carry out our evaluation the use of ratios, comparatives, enterprise benchmarking, situations, and other statistical techniques. We also undertake specialised analytics to help you with key stakeholder evaluation meetings.

Board & Performance Dashboard

We adopt designing and instruction of detailed information for internal as well as external reporting purposes. We apprehend what needs to be provided in a dashboard for senior management, investors and administrators. We additionally construct smart Dashboards for senior control to reveal KPI’s (Key overall performance Indicator’s) closely.

Board and control Reporting

Adequate management Reporting enables your employees in taking the proper commercial enterprise selection. Strategic Board Reporting helps set up precise governance because it improves investor confidence.

Budgeting and Forecasting

To be a successful company in present day environment, one has to have strong budgeting & forecasting process. Following are some of the important impacts from the exercise :

  • Understanding your cashflow and different assets requirement
  • Planning and making ready for any contingencies
  • Goal setting and targets for key control employees
  • Loan restructuring advice and solutions
  • Drawing up increase approach and figuring out milestones

Budgeting is a totally critical feature in any company and in case you are making plans to raise price external financing (be it financial institution debt or PE/VC investment or IPO), a company needs to have a strong budgeting system that permits it to offer accurate forecasts in your investors & lenders. This can’t be accomplished in a single day, and comes best through sound planning and serious budgeting & variance evaluation internally, each month.
BrickstoneCFO assists in drawing up special forecast model which starts team strategy sessions and discussions with all key stakeholders.

To simplify the manner for the accounting personnel we also offer exhaustive templates, with simple information enter sheets, in which they may feed their actual financials from their accounting software program and generate detailed management dashboard.

Investor Relations

BrickstoneCFO have the hands-on experience which can help you with a range of Investor Relations Services, as follows:

  • Undertake detailed Management Information Systems & Analytics that are important for Investor/Analyst meetings
  • Extensive deal network and reputation for quick execution
  • Assist in preparing Investor Presentations.
  • Provide advisory services on “How to Handle” various questions, and situations
  • Perform specific research on most frequently asked questions
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and forecasting packages
Cashflow & Working Capital Management

Cashflow Management

Cashflow is very critical to business enterprise as cash is considered as life blood of the commercial enterprise. Robust cashflow forecasting & management enables run easy & un-interrupted business operation. We assist our customers to enhance cash position and enforce cashflow forecasting system thereby assisting them in handling funds correctly. We evaluate all components of cashflow and offer great practices recommendation for:

  • Alternate & other receivables
  • Trade payables & different commitments.
  • Investment, financing activities & its related terms and conditions
  • Assessment of other possibilities in improvising cashflow management
Working Capital Control

Globally, companies with efficient Working Capital Management are quite successful. As part of our offering, we assist companies in organizing & setting up necessary systems and processes to improve working capital management. Following is an illustrative list we perform:

  • Investment, financing activities & its related terms and conditions
  • Review of working Capital management feature and putting in place essential crew roles and tasks.
  • Studying receivables and payables cycles and placing benchmarks
  • Assisting in setting up working capital lines with lenders
  • Assessment of other possibilities in improvising cashflow management

Our Approach

The Brickstone Outsourced CFO service is an advisory offering designed to provide businesses with capital expansion projects with genuine financial leadership, beyond the traditional day-to-day accounting function.
Over many years of offering professional services to our clients with large scale projects, Brickstone has been privy to the issues projects sponsors or business owners deal with on a daily basis. One major area of frustration for our clients is in the area of internal finance and administration. Our clients are skilled and experienced at delivering their particular product or service, however it is the financial systems and processes that are typically lacking.

In our experience, where this area is not appropriately addressed, our clients have experienced the following issues:

  • Inability to attract funding (debt and/or equity);
  • Inability to adequately manage the owner’s investment in the business;
  • Uncertainty in making key decisions;
  • Increased risk of business failure; and
  • Sleepless nights!

The objective of the Brickstone Outsourced CFO service is to satisfy this need and help redress the above problems.

While working on the details, we keep our eyes trained on the larger picture so we can give project owners the guidance required to make informed business and project decisions on the project. Whether you need a replacement for someone who recently left your project or a permanent support person to be with you until financial closure, we fill the skills gap with the necessary expertise you require, either on-site or remotely from our offices. We are particularly of value to start-ups projects, which often do not have the resources for these functions in-house

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